Saturday, August 30, 2014


The course will have two small changes made to it before race week.  Trackleaders and spot rental info will be up about 10 days before race.  Make sure you have a good gps unit for this race similar to an etrex30.  There are some very hard areas to navigate though.  Hope to see you at the start.


  1. Hi Jason... Do you have a start list?

  2. Jeff... I do not have an official start list. Planning on letting people sign up on trackleaders. will be available shortly. Thanks

  3. Hi Jason... Is the 9/4 GPX file final? I'm still considering coming out and it will likely depend on the weather forecast as we get closer and if there are at least a few others riding. I would likely leave home on 9/20 so probably wouldn't have a chance to download a new GPX file after that. Thanks!